Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application

The entire world around us spends lot of time in brand their selves and we to believe in fact about essential on brand. And to boost and enhance you're branding we at D &K Group develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms. As a full-service mobile application development company, we can take your design from concept through to release on a variety of different platforms—such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Android Tablet, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and also cross platform. Some of our mobile applications are fruitfully applied in GPS, Social networking, group deal sites, deals aggregator, asset tracking ,maps, game applications, payment gateway, shopping cart , Bluetooth, Wi–Fi , QR Codes, SMS and MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) etc.

Our services on application development services in the platforms:
iPhone / iPad:

Understanding the core processes of iphone and ipad application development, we build applications that are as interactive and easy-to-use as native applications. We design, develop and deploy mobile applications for various iPhone devices. We work closely with clients to design and build powerful, feature-rich iPhone apps with stunningly beautiful interfaces. Our experienced iPhone app programmers are well-versed with Objective C, Xcode, and Cocoa Touch Framework.


Android platform is greatly popular for its intuitive design, compatibility with multiple networks and capacity. We at D & K Group use Java based Android which is one of the amazing platform for smart phone as it support a range of application development. Our team is well versed in Android SDK and API with complete knowledge of Android platform that is very much useful for development of games, Wi-Fi/GPS development, web and utility app development, e commerce app development.


BlackBerry's popularity with enterprise users is due to its snappy features like a hi-tech mobile phone, email, internet, corporate data, messaging, organizer and other business related features in one phone. As blackberry supports highly reliable J2ME and Java programming our team of dedicated developer put special emphasis on designing application that caters exact needs and provide the best solution for your blackberry device.

Windows Application:

We offer a wide group of services in the Windows Mobile Application Development. Some of these services include Data connectivity service that is designed to be seamless and secure (SQL Server Compact Edition, XML support, built-in security features, encryption libraries); we also offer a rich API support that includes messaging, telephony, connectivity, music, video, Bluetooth, gaming, configuration; along with this our specialized programmers and team of excellent developers also provide an extensive range of programming models which include native code, managed code, mobile Web development including support for basic applications.


The Symbian mobile platform has every feature of a potentially acknowledged Smartphone. This platform of mobile operation particularly enhances and accentuates the working, processing and usability of a standard phone, making it the most wanted after device. Our knowledgeable engineers have shaped a number of exciting mobile phone applications in this Symbian OS platform; therefore it has all the necessary expertise for developing that very special application for your mobile. We have developed very exciting applications for our clients ranging from business apps, entertainment, sports, news and eBook applications in accordance with our client's very specific requirement and usage criteria.

Cross Platform:

There are different kinds of mobile in market that use different platforms or operating system (OS) such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows etc. User uses them according to their requirement and thus there has become huge competition between devices. Thus with so many mobile platforms, each with a different UI, many people are looking at Cross-platform Mobile apps that run on more than one platform. We have the complete understanding of Cross-platform development tools. Our solutions vary from simple to complex at consistent quality levels. With the help of our trained and skilled engineers we create Cross Platform applications with a professional and dynamic look.