Custom Programmer
Custom Programmer

DevelopEx is a custom development company.Our company offers its clients a rich variety of custom software development services.We provide custom development services on demand. You can hire single developer that will work on your tasks few hours a day, or hire a dedicated team of developers that will be concentrated on your tasks for months.

Custom Development Process
Envisioning and Planning Stage of Development
  • You give us your custom requirements
  • We review and analyze it, ask you questions and make estimate
  • As a part of project we prepare specification or use specifications provided by you
  • When specifications and other details are agreed we start design and implementation work
  • For most projects we provide demo or prototype in the beginning, to make sure we are on right track and understand your needs
Custom Applications Development

We provide a full range of custom applications development services. From the research of needs and thru the final testing we are 100% dedicated to development process.

Our custom software always created with your requirements in mind, exactly on your specifications. From the beginning to the end we are in close contact with you, always online and always at a full attention.