Corporate Profile
Work Culture
Work Culture

D&K Group believes that most critical component for any organization to move from good to great is quality of human resource. In today's information age people are not only well-informed but also are very demanding from their jobs. Global HR Survey says that more than money, it is learning and feeling of being important to the development of Company is the significant consideration while choosing a job. We just not provide you employment but keep upgrading your skills at job to keep you employable throughout your life. You get an opportunity to work on different projects, get a chance to work with customers spread across the globe, and build your people management skills by working with different teams. DnK Group practices Employees Enrichment Program thoroughly, throughout the organization, and works on the cutting edge technology and process improvement to enable employees to perform better, those results in job satisfaction and job enrichment.

Training Programs

DnK Group fosters an open, transparent and nurturing work culture. We preserve a Silicon Valley like entrepreneurial environment which means a flat organization with minimal hierarchies and tremendous opportunities to grow.WE LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED TO PROVIDE THE BEST TO OUR PEOPLE.Employee Soft Skills Enhancement Program.To assimilate our corporate values and ethics.Focus on Attributes like Attitude, Ownership, Team Building, Customer Orientation and Business Communication.Develop Independent Project Executors.Communication and Presentation skills, Team Building and Leadership, Project and Process Management, Interviewing Skills, People skills, Goal Setting, Time Management and Prioritization.Leadership Development Program.A platform to develop/enhance leadership, People and team building skills to perform more effectively in the current and future roles.

Corporate DNA

Ownership, Winning attitude, Teamwork, Determination, Planning, and Leadership are some of the chromosomes of our DNA. Chipmates (as we call ourselves) are encouraged to absorb these values in whatever they do.We make sure that at DnK Group, each and every day turns out to be a new learning experience. Skill development programs, outbound trainings and workshops are organized on an ongoing basis to complement the intellect of our people.Our leadership-training program 'Pegasus' is an example of our commitment to groom our people to take on challenging roles for their career advancement.Various events such as entertainment nights, picnics, trekking, get-togethers, celebrating Birth day etc and celebration of festivals add that touch of excitement to our work environment.